Incentives For The Bioscience Community

Sandoval County city hall building front
New Mexico Capital Roundhouse
Downtown Albuquerque
Santa Fe Municipal Building

Development Incentives

The State of New Mexico, it’s counties and cities, realize that in order to grow the bioscience industry, we need to entice our partners and collaborators to make it worth their investment to grow and relocate here.  Below is a list of the numerous Economic Development incentives NM has to offer.

State Incentives

Reduce Capital Expenditures

Local Economic Development Act (LEDA)

Industrial Revenue Bond (IRB)

Consumables Gross Receipts Tax Deduction for Manufacturers

Investment Tax Credit for Manufacturers

Reduce Taxes

Single Sales Factor

Angel Investment Credit

Digital Media & IT

Back Office and Technological Services


Aerospace and Defense

Energy and Natural Gas Incentives

Reduce Hiring Costs

Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP)

High Wage Tax Credit

Local Economic Development Act (LEDA)

Local Economic Development Act (LEDA)

Regional Incentives

Sandoval County Economic Development Fund

Industrial Revenue Bond (IRB)

Gross Receipts Investment Policy (GRIP)

Tax Increment Development District (TIDD)

Public Improvement District (PID)

City of Albuquerque Bioscience IRB