The New Mexico Bioscience Authority is growing a robust bioscience industry in New Mexico by connecting Research & Development, Technology Transfer, Investment, and Entrepreneurs.

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Who We Are

The Future of Bioscience

The New Mexico Bioscience Authority was created as the State’s first public-private partnership to build a new model of bioscience industry. New Mexico needs a platform and a coordinated effort to grow bioscience organizations.

From funding, to incentives, to community outreach and labor initiatives, the NM Bioscience Authority connects all the potential collaborators: universities, R & D, technology transfer, entrepreneurs, funders, legislators and workforce – to grow bioscience in NM. We are well-poised to help create a thriving bioscience industry.

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What We Do

The mission of the NMBSA is to increase awareness and support for New Mexico’s bioscience sector by attracting capital investors, influencing policy and assisting in infrastructure and business development.

01. Community Readiness

The premiere program of the NMBSA is the Community Readiness Program, aims to assist municipalities or designated areas throughout the state to position themselves to attract bioscience businesses.

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02. Funding

A priority goal of the NMBSA is to establish a Direct Investment Fund (DIF) with the State of New Mexico. Direct investment would be focused on bioscience companies.

03. Researcher or Entrepreneur

The NMBSA facilitates the free flow of knowledge to enable cooperative research, and creates an environment conducive to growth, productiveness, and innovation.

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04. Tech Transfer

Technology transfer stems from our prestigious research and technology facilities, including: Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories and Air Force Research Laboratory New Mexico.

05. Legislative

Through the establishment of State Bioscience Development Act in 2017, the New Mexico Bioscience Authority (NMBSA) was created, a public-private partnership.

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06. Workforce Development

Bioscience jobs are sustainable and higher paying.  The bioscience industry sector has been in growth mode for the past five years.