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Bioscience in New Mexico

The New Mexico Bioscience Authority (NMBSA) was created in 2017 by the legislature as an official state entity and the state’s first public-private partnership which includes state government, research institutions, national laboratories, and private industry.

From funding, to incentives, to community readiness and labor initiatives, the NM Bioscience Authority connects all the potential collaborators: universities, research & development, technology transfer, entrepreneurs, funders, elected officials and workforce – to grow bioscience in New Mexico. Per the opens in a new window2020 Bioscience Economy Reportopens PDF file , the country’s bioscience industry is growing faster and more substantially than other industries in the private sector with wages growing to nearly two times the U.S. average. New Mexico is poised to reap these benefits.

Defining the biosciences industry is complex due to its diverse mix of technologies, products and markets, R&D focus, and companies themselves. The industry includes companies engaged in advanced manufacturing, research activities, and technology services, but has a common thread or link in their application of knowledge in the life sciences and how living organisms function. As such, there is not one over-arching industry code recognized by the federal government, but instead, about two dozen detailed industries (see Table A-1 below) have been combined and grouped as defined on the right to best organize and track the industry in its primary activities.

Genetics of the

Bioscience Industry

  • Agricultural Biosciences
    Firms engaged in agricultural processing, organic chemical manufacturing, and fertilizer manufacturing. The subsector includes industry activity in the production of ethanol and other biofuels.
  • Bioscience-related Distribution
    Firms that coordinate the delivery of bioscience-related products spanning pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and ag biotech. Distribution in the biosciences is unique in its deployment of specialized technologies including cold storage, highly regulated monitoring and tracking, and automated drug distribution systems.
  • Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
    Firms that develop and produce biological and medicinal products and manufacture pharmaceuticals and diagnostic substances.
  • Medical Devices and Equipment
    Firms that develop and manufacture surgical and medical instruments and supplies, laboratory equipment, electromedical apparatus including MRI and ultrasound equipment, dental equipment and supplies.
  • Research, Bioinformatics, Testing, and Medical Laboratories
    Firms engaged in research and development in biotechnology (pre-market) and other life sciences, life science testing laboratories, and medical laboratories. Includes contract and clinical R&D organizations.
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