co-Investment Program

Introducing NM Bioscience Authority

Co-Investment Opportunity

The New Mexico Bioscience Authority is pleased to announce a co-investment program to provide the needed investment to new start-up companies in or companies that wish to relocate to New Mexico. A New Mexico company is, in the case of a corporation or limited liability company (LLC), a business with its principal office and a majority of its full-time employees located in New Mexico or, in the case of a limited partnership, a business with its principal place of business and 80% of its assets located in New Mexico.

We have now partnered with two professional investment organizations who will enter into an LLC or Limited Partnership with the NMBSA to invest in New Mexico based bioscience companies as illustrated below.

Co-Investment Partner Firms

Through our competitve selection process, the NM Bioscience Authority Board of Directors has entered into investment partnerships with the opens in a new windowNM Angelscreate new email and opens in a new windowAnzu Partnerscreate new email investment companies. If you are a NM based bioscience company that would like to be considered for investing, please contact our investment partners as they will perform the initial vetting before recommending partnerships to the NM Bioscience Authority.

NM based bioscience companies are welcome to contact NM Bioscience Authority staff for further assistance.

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