Moving from
Invention to Production

Steps to Follow


  1. Document your discovery, invention, or innovation
  2. Research your Market.
  3. Develop a Prototype.
  4. Test or Evaluate your Prototype with Technical Experts.
  5. File a Patent for your Invention.
  6. Get the Patent Licensed to an Entrepreneur or Company.
  7. Market your Invention to Investors
  8. Apply for opens in a new windowSmall Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and/or Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Funding to Support Development.

Tech Transfer Offices Across the State


opens in a new windowUniversity of New Mexico

UNM Rainforest Innovations nurtures innovation by protecting technologies developed at UNM and transferring these technologies to the marketplace.

The Commercialization Process

New Mexico State University

The IP Office within Arrowhead Center protects, manages, and commercializes the creative products of New Mexico State University.

opens in a new windowInvention Disclosure Process

New Mexico Tech

The OIC enables New Mexico Tech students, faculty, and researchers to work on real market-driven commercialization projects from the ground up to enable successful commercialization.

opens in a new windowOffice of Innovation Commercialization

opens in a new windowSandia National Laboratories

The Center for Collaboration and Commercialization (C3) is designed to strengthen partnerships, technology transfer, and ties to the community, and offers services to boost Sandia’s interaction with industry, academia, and government.

opens in a new windowSandia National Laboratories

The Sandia Technology Partnerships Office offers partners access to the Labs’ world-class science, advanced technologies, and unique research facilities.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

The Feynman Center drives Los Alamos innovation by accelerating connections between research, corporate, and entrepreneurial communities, and building partnerships and mechanisms that deliver their technology to solve our nation’s biggest challenges.