NMBSA Strategic Plan

About the

NM Bioscience Authority

Created under the Bioscience Development Act in 2017, the organization seeks to build a stronger bioscience economy in New Mexico by fostering public-private collaboration and promoting coordination between universities, research entities and the private sector. Through strategic funding, community outreach and policy recommendations, the Authority aims to create cohesive strategies to bring biotechnology to market, generate high-paying jobs, and strengthen the economy in New Mexico.

Overall Goals and Strategies

  • Establish NMBSA as a Model for Bioscience Development and Organizational Management

  • Take Leadership Role within the NM Bioscience Ecosystem

  • Provide Funding for NM Bioscience Growth and Innovation


Strategic Plan and Reviews

NM Bioscience Authority

317 Commercial St. NE, #311
Albuquerqure, NM 87102


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