Supporting the Inventor


drives the bioscience industry

Research is what drives the bioscience industry. New Mexico is home to three research universities, two national laboratories and the Air Force Research Laboratory.  The NMBSA facilitates the free flow of knowledge to enable cooperative research, and creates an environment conducive to growth, productiveness, and innovation.


Leads the State In Patents

Our universities are churning out hundreds of engineers, researchers and scientists every year. That success is evidenced by the number of bioscience patents awarded, compared to other industries.

Statewide Resources

New Mexico is flush with resources to support inventors within the university systems, National Laboratories, and the general public. On this website, we have collected an assortment of options available to help you navigate this stage of innovation. One example is our partnership with the opens in a new windowASCEND (Accelerating Solutions for Commercialization and Entrepreneurial Development) Hub which can support the preparation and submission of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) funding requests from the federal government which can help move patents to commercialization.

If you need more direct assistance, please feel free to contact our office at (888) 990-9044 or email our Executive Director, Stephanie Tofighi at stofighi@salud.unm.educreate new email.

STC University of New Mexico

90+ Active Start-Ups @ the Science & Technology Corporation at UNM (STC.UNM).

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Arrow Head Center New Mexico State

700+ active ventures across 15 entrepreneurial-driven offerings, 15% in bioscience.

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New Mexico Tech