Tom Kieft

Microbiologist in the Biology Department
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (New Mexico Tech)

Dr. Tom Kieft is a microbiologist in the Biology Department at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (New Mexico Tech).  He has over 40 years experience in biological sciences that includes employment early in his career as a clinical microbiologist, >30 years of undergraduate and graduate teaching (courses in general microbiology, medical microbiology, and immunology), and extensive research in environmental microbiology, animal microbiomes, and detection of pathogens in the environment.  He has published more that 60 peer-reviewed publications and eleven book chapters.  Kieft’s largest body of work has been characterization of the geomicrobiology of the deepest regions of the biosphere (>3 km below land surface), where H2 generated by water-rock interactions fuels extensive chemoautotrophic microbial ecosystems.   He has one biotechnology patent for use of biological ice nuclei.  Kieft has served as Chair of Biology Department and as Associate Vice-President for Research and Economic Development at New Mexico Tech, and he’s currently the Chair New Mexico Tech’s new interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Biotechnology.