Anne-Laure “Anlo” Schmitt-Olivier

Intellectual Property Specialist

Anne-Laure “Anlo” Schmitt-Olivier holds a B.S. in Chemistry, an M.S. in Chemistry, and a graduate degree in IP Law from the University of Strasbourg, France. She is also a registered Patent Agent.  Before joining UNM, Anlo worked for nearly seven years at the Office of Technology Commercialization and Management at Florida International University where she was responsible for the evaluation and management of invention disclosures, primarily in the life sciences. Additionally, she provided training to researchers and staff on patenting and commercialization processes. Her role also included marketing technologies, negotiating various agreements including licenses and options, managing ongoing relationships with commercial partners, and interfacing with external patent firms. Prior to this, she worked as a Patent Specialist at Ward and Smith, P.A. where she gained experience in patent preparation and prosecution in the fields of chemical, pharmaceutical, and materials science. She also worked as a Patent Analyst at Global Patent Solutions, where she evaluated the patentability of international patent applications. In her free time, Anlo enjoys reading, cooking, hiking, and traveling.